Kon'nichiwa こんにち は! - Hello!

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February 17th 2018

February 24-25th 2018

Instructor trainee class at the Dojo

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Kyu Exam 7:30PM after adult training

Chief Instructor

The Arizona Karate Association (AKA) welcomes you to our Dojo (training hall)! The AKA is a JKA Shotokan school for traditional Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is a traditional Japanese style martial art based on the teachings of Master Gichin Funakoshi, who, originally from Okinawa, is recognized as the founder of modern-day karate.

Arizona Karate Association was founded in 1961. Master Shojiro Koyama (8th Dan) came to the United States in 1964 and has been teaching here continuously.  The AKA is affiliated with the Japan Karate Association/World Federation America (JKA/WF).  Our Dojo is the Central headquarters of the Japan Karate Association Western Region.

Dojo Kun

Lifelong Exercise

Master Koyama's karate is designed to be lifelong exercise.  It is not only for the young and athletic.  The members of our Dojo range in age from young students to the senior students.

Regular training develops physical strength and flexibility, improves health, and relieves stress.  Our young members especially have a lot of fun! It's never too late to start training!

In our daily training, our goal is to create a positive and respectful environment that develops and refines self-discipline, mental focus, and overall health.  The ultimate goal of Shotokan Karate is to "Seek Perfection of Character" and to embody the Dojo kun (Dojo principles or training hall principles) in every aspect of our lives.

We invite you to explore the Martial Way and begin your journey with Master Koyama and the members of the Arizona Karate Association learning and training JKA Shotokan Karate.

Sensei Shojiro Koyama. 8th Dan JKA. Head of the Western Region of the JKA/WF America.

Sensei is known in international magazines in Europe and Asia.

Translation of the Dojo Kun

Seek perfection of character

Be Faithful

Endeavor to excel

Respect others

Refrain from violent behavior


February 23rd 2018

Matsuri Japanese Spring Festival Demonstration Sa.10:45AM -11:15AM So. 2:00PM to 2:30PM

Arizona Karate Association