Kon'nichiwa こんにち は! - Hello!

The Arizona Karate Association (AKA) welcomes you to our Dojo (training hall)! The AKA is a JKA Shotokan school for traditional Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is a traditional Japanese style martial art based on the teachings of Master Gichin Funakoshi, who, originally from Okinawa, is recognized as the founder of modern-day karate.

Arizona Karate Association was founded in 1961. Master Shojiro Koyama (8th Dan) came to the United States in 1964 and has been teaching here continuously. The AKA is affiliated with the Japan Karate Association/World Federation America (JKA/WF). Our Dojo is the Central headquarters of the Japan Karate Association Western Region.

Master Koyama's karate is designed to be lifelong exercise. It is not only for the young and athletic. The members of our Dojo range in age from young students to the senior students.

Regular training develops physical strength and flexibility, improves health, and relieves stress. Our young members especially have a lot of fun! It's never too late to start training!

In our daily training, our goal is to create a positive and respectful environment that develops and refines self-discipline, mental focus, and overall health. The ultimate goal of Shotokan Karate is to "Seek Perfection of Character" and to embody the Dojo kun (Dojo principles or training hall principles) in every aspect of our lives.

We invite you to explore the Martial Way and begin your journey with Master Koyama and the members of the Arizona Karate Association learning and trainingJKA Shotokan Karate.

A Message from Master Koyama

We find truths and lessons in many aspects of our lives. I read many books and listen to many lectures. Sometimes I need inspiration so that I may present an idea or concept in a few different ways so that the full meaning can be expressed. After all, no one explanation covers all shades of meaning. One of the authors who's books I read is the Japanese businessman, Dr. Kazuo Inamori. Dr. Inamori presents his philosophy on Business and Life that is remarkably similar to my philosophy of Shotokan and Life. So, to glean meaning from a different viewpoint, please read some of Dr. Inamori's thoughts on life and personal conduct. This essay is particularly interesting since it was written in 2004 and it is relevant as if it was written yesterday.

"Reexamining the Meaning of Life in an Age of Chaos
We live in an age of anxiety and deepening confusion, which has made us unable to see our way forward. Although affluent, we feel unfulfilled; although blessed with material necessities, we lack civility; although ostensibly free, we feel somehow confined. If we have the will and make the effort, anything is possible and everything is within our grasp; yet, we feel powerless and pessimistic, and some of us may even sink into crime or immorality.

How did we reach this impasse? Could it be because so many people fail to find meaning in their lives or the value in living, because we have lost the inner compass that guides us through life? I believe that the answer is yes and that the current confusion in society stems from the lack of a constructive philosophy for living. In this day, the first and most important step we can take is to confront that fundamental question-what is the purpose of life?-and in doing so attempt to develop a philosophy, a system of beliefs, or a set of principles that will serve as a guideline for living.

Pondering our purpose in life may seem as futile as digging for water in the desert or as difficult as trying to dam a rushing river, yet this simple, straightforward exercise is even more relevant in light of society’s tendency to belittle earnest effort. If we avoid thinking deeply about the purpose of our lives as chaos continues to spread throughout society, our confusion will increase and our future will become more uncertain. I believe that many people feel, as I do, a great urgency about this situation."

Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera, DDI (now KDDI) and numerous other enterprises, established the Inamori Foundation and created the Kyoto Prize, a prestigious international award. He also serves as president of Seiwajyuku, a business leadership association dedicated to nurturing business owners and entrepreneurs. He became chairman of bankrupt Japan Airlines in 2010, and successfully led the company to a relisting on the stock market, after which he stepped down from direct management in 2013.

Current Highlights

2016 Arizona Matsuri Demonstrations

Arizona Matsuri Demonstrations
The Arizona Karate Association will be demonstrating at the Phoenix Matsuri on Saturday February 27th and Sunday February 28th
Please see the Location and times below:

More Details Here:

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Western States Karate Championships (WSKC) Wrap Up

Thank You for your participation and attendance in this year's Western States Karate Championships!

We received good feedback from our participants, spectators, organizers, referees, and volunteers.

We have you to thank for the performance and good comments we have about the tournament. I appreciate your help and support and your desire to continue to spread the tradition of Japanese Budo and the principle of "Seek Perfection of Character".

Please continue to train your students in the manner that you are to produce great Karateka and to continue to promote the Budo Arts, Japanese Cultural Exchange, and Service to Our Community.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Shojiro Koyama
Arizona Karate Association
Japan Karate Association Western Region

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Adult Beginner / Refresher Class Tuesday Nights !

This class is specifically targeted to beginning adult students,and willfocus on stretching, basic techniques, and beginning katas.

It will also serve as a refresher class for students who trained Shotokan or another martial arts style in the past, have been away from training for a number of years, and are looking for a way to transition back into training.

Stop By to Discuss Your Training Start !

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If you are new to the dojo or to karate, please download the Student Handbook. Also there’s a new page

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Be sure to check out Sensei Koyama's essay on children and karate traininghere.

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