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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions continue

Q: What are the rules for testing for Kyu (beginner grades) and Dan grades (Black belt Levels - those that mastered the basics)?

A: Kyu exams are offered every three (3) months; in general, there is a minimum of three months between Kyu exams.  If there is a question, it is best to ask one's Instructor about testing.  The requirements for each of the Kyu exams can be found here.

Dan grade examinations are usually held at least twice a year at AKA: in October and in July, at the Summer Camp.  Dan exams are also offered at the JKA/WF Americas National Camp in June.  The requirements of the JKA/WF Americas for Dan testing can be found here.

Q: Does AKA participate in a lot of tournaments?

A:  The focus of our training is karate-do, karate as an art and as lifetime exercise.  We do sponsor the Western States Karate Championships every year, and several of our members participate in the JKA/WF National Camp and tournament. We also host in Dojo tournaments to practice our skills. We also encourage participation in area Open tournaments..

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

A: No, dues are month-to-month.  There is a one-time fee to join the JKA/WF Americas, Our National Organization.

Q: Do I need to get a uniform?  Where can I get one?  How much does it cost?

A:  You can get an inexpensive Gi (uniform) at the Dojo; they are about $35 and come with a white belt.  As you become more advanced, you can purchase more expensive Gis either through the Dojo or on the web. All Students are required to purchase a JKA/WF Patch for their uniform. JKA/WF Patches are purchased in the Dojo Office.

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