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In the Antarctic, there are researchers from many countries.  They spend months there at a time; these scientists live in close quarters with the same people for almost half a year.  Outside it is very cold and dark, and it can be miserable.  Sometimes people have nervous breakdowns.  There are two kinds of people. The first group, group A, does not do things like shave daily, wear clean clothes, and keep up with good grooming and manners.  They figure it does not matter because they are just with the same people every day.  The second group, group B, say “good morning” to their fellow researchers, keep up their grooming, and live each day as new.

Those in group A, sometimes have nervous breakdowns or mental problems, but those in group B almost never have problems.

It is the same in our everyday life, and in our karate training.  We move through the year with different activities, and each of them offers us a chance to be moved or impressed, to discover something about ourselves, to put forth effort to correct mistakes and to develop our character.

If your imagination creates positive dreams, that leads to happiness and grows your immune system.  But if you make a mistake and are miserable or sad, this also can help to grow your immune system.  If you make a mistake, it can still be an inspiration; you express regret and can grow from the experience.

Karate looks from the outside like guts, and just fighting – but this can be dangerous.  To put it briefly, our karate is other things – good eating, good sleeping, bowels open; balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, blood circulation, learning tolerance.

Our organization is very good; not only just a business; for example, we give a donation to the 100 Club.  We need to keep life learning and wisdom.  Please share your ideas about how to keep and improve our organization.

Karate Inspiration

By Shojiro Koyama

So far, we are four months into the year.  In February we had Kangeiko then Matsuri, and in April we had our Spring Camp in El Paso.  All of these events were very successful.  Next, we will have National Camp in Santa Fe in June, and also the Kino Bay camp, then in mid-July will be our Payson Summer Camp.  October will be Western States, and in December our Christmas party, and the year will be finished.  It is important to have events to look forward to, and to participate in, to help keep us motivated in our karate.

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